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Welcome to ShopFactory,

your secret weapon in the E-Commerce race.

If you are a merchant planning to build your own shop or a developer creating shops for other businesses - we have the right solution for you.

Create a stunning E-Commerce web presence with just a few mouse clicks - it really couldn't be any easier.

Then simply upload your shop and start selling - ShopFactory runs on any server straight after uploading - just like any home page. 
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Shopfactory Pro for high quality web shops
Create amazing shops with all the features for success. $279 More

The best solution for Developers
The ultimate tool for full control over the design. $669 More

Shopfactory Light for small shops
Just right for small shops with only one department. $179 More

Shopfactory 3D - maximum impact with HTML and 3D VRML shops
3D Add-On - create stunning 3D VRML shops. $379

Truly International:
ShopFactory in English, German, French, Dutch and more.
Create Shops in 16 languages.
Search Engine ready:
Your shops are fully indexed by search engines for top exposure on the Net.
Shop Themes:
Stop wondering how you can get a top look for your shop. Put top looks at the tip of your mouse.
User Quotes:
"I have seen a lot of shop creating software which claimed to be fast and easy ..." More

Customer Security:
Support for PGP, SSL and SET means customers can shop with the best security. 

Real-time Payment:
Integrate real time payment systems such as AuthorizeNet with point and click ease.
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