How to get paid in your ShopFactory shops

ShopFactory offers top security to your customers by supporting the encryption and security protocols SSL, PGP and SET either directly or through AuthorizeNet or SkipJack real time online processing services making it one of the most secure shopping systems on the Internet.

The ShopFactory default payment system is an SSL Secure Server service provided free of charge to you. This means your customers can place their orders in a completely secure environment.

This can be combined with PGP, the most widely used encryption tool on the Internet, to make orders unbreakable - even by military standards.

If you use a secure payment system, SET is another security option which may be available to you.
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Manual or Automatic Payment Processing

Manual Payment Processing with Transaction Software or Hardware
Process all your credit card and check orders, Internet, Telephone, Fax, Mail, and In-Person orders using PCAuthorize or MacAuthorize transaction processing software via your computer modem.  Verifone transaction processing hardware terminals (card readers) are also available from Del West.

Note: Your internet orders must be taken on a Secure Server for you to later retrieve and process.

ShopFactory comes with SSL Secure Server service provided free of charge to you.All you have to do to use it, to start accepting orders, is to publish your shop.
There are no requirements on your server - which means your shop will run on the home page space provided by your Internet Access Service Provider.
Included with ShopFactory are also two small cgi programs which you can install on your own server if you have CGI execution rights, to use your own server for order processing.
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Automatic Real Time Online Payment Processing Service
Via the Internet you can make use of AuthorizeNet or SkipJack  real time payment processing service.
Using these Secure Server services, your  customer's payment will be automatically approved then transferred into your account.
installing AuthorizeNet real time payment service at your website is simply a matter of point and click, then enter your Log-in ID or password. ShopFactory takes care of the rest.

Note: All your credit card and check orders, Internet, Telephone, Fax, Mail, and In-Person orders, can be processed through AuthorizeNet or SkipJack online services
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What is SSL
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) was developed to provide security and privacy over the Internet. SSL encrypts all communication between the server on the Internet and the customer's computer - providing complete security. The SSL protocol maintains the security and integrity of the transmission channel by using encryption, authentication and message authentication codes. Thus sending an order in an SSL protected environment protects it from being seen by any one else but the merchant it is intended for.
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What is SET?
Visa and Mastercard have jointly developed the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol as a method for secure, cost effective bankcard transactions over the Internet. SET includes protocols for purchasing goods and services electronically, requesting authorization of payment, and requesting "credentials" (i.e. certificates) binding public keys to identities, among other services. SET has been developed to provide the necessary confidence in secure electronic transactions over the Internet to boost e-commerce. However SET development has been slow, and SSL is most widely being used currently to provide fully secure electronic transactions over the Internet. More information on SET can be found at and
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