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Register your PGP key

PGP is the most widely used encryption tool on the Internet to encrypt email in transfer. 

If you want your shop to send order to you by email, then PGP ensures with military grade encryption that no one else can intercept and read the contents of the orders.

 PGP is extremely easy to use, and can automatically decrypt orders when you receive them with compatible email programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora.

You will find much more information on PGP by going to

Please note: If you use PGP commercially, you need to register the free version for a small fee.


ShopFactory allows you to use compatible intenet online real-time payment service providers such as Authorize.Net with point and click ease. If you use these, you do not need PGP encryption.

However ShopFactory can also allow you to receive the payment details of your customers over the Internet - much like a mail order house which receives these details over the telephone. 

In this situation ShopFactory will - with the free SSL service - accept orders in a totally secure environment. The orders will then be securely (PGP) emailed to you for processing via your computer modem with transaction software such as PCAuthorize or MacAuthorize.  (Transaction processing hardware such as Verifone Tranz is also available).

To safeguard the orders during the time they are emailed to you, use PGP and achieve the ultimate in security. ShopFactory makes this easy. Simply download PGP from the Net and create a set of encryption keys with point and click ease.

Register your Public PGP key

To use PGP with ShopFactory's free SSL service, open the company details wizard ( button with blue circle with the white i in it). Select the payment system Free SSL with PGP. Then in the PGP key ID, simply paste the ID of your key, such as for example

John DoeJohn Dorman <>

Then all you need to do is to paste the actual key into the box below, and our server will encrypt the orders before sending them to you.

Please paste your PGP Public Key in ASCII format in the textbox below:


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