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ShopFactory Light
Ideally suited for the shop builder planning a small shop with a limited number of products.

General Description
Types of Shops you can create
System Requirements


License Type:
Single user license.
Build as many shops for yourself as you like - you must directly own and control them. To build shops for others, you must select the Developer version. 


ShopFactory Light allows you to create a single page shop to promote and sell your products.

It is an ideal solution for smaller shops, which do not require several departments and have no more than 50 Products.

If you find you have outgrown the Light version, you can always upgrade to ShopFactory Professional.
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General Description

Award winning ShopFactory has been designed to make shop building as easy as possible.

No programming skills are required, and virtually anything can be achieved with point and click commands and easy to use but very powerful Wizards.

Just point and click to add products and multimedia links, to customize the look of your shop front or to add many of the other features required for a professional retail outlet.

Of course you can also easily define unlimited tax and shipping regions to allow the shop to automatically calculate tax and shipping costs for your customers.

Or you can use the UPS online shipping cost calculator which has been integrated in ShopFactory. Before uploading you shop, you can preview and test every single function on your local computer. You can even send and receive test orders or check your Authorize.Net link.
A sophisticated integrated upload program then makes it easy to move your shop onto the Internet. 

Types of Shops you can create

  • a "one product page" shop 
  • a text only shop 
  • a shop with images 
  • a text shop with links to other files such as larger images, HTML files, sound files, video files ... 
  • a shop with images which link to other files such larger images, HTML files, larger image files, sound files, video files, ... 
  • a shop with a full width product display 
  • a shop with different background colors 
  • a shop with different background textures 
  • a shop with different button designs 
  • a shop with many different product layouts 
  • a shop with product options, order numbers and extra charges for options 

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System Requirements

Windows 95/98/2000/NT.

We recommend at least a small Pentium PC with 16 MB of Ram. Some of our customers use 486es, but you should download the demo and test it first, if you plan to do this. You need an Internet connection to upload your Shop and a Web Browser for testing it.
Your shop will run on virtually any server, as soon as you have uploaded it.
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