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    ShopFactory Pro for serious E-commerce
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    ShopFactory Developer
    ShopFactory Light
    ShopFactory Professional
    Perfect for a professional online E-commerce presence with many products.
    General Description
    General Features
    Shop Properties Wizard
    Light Mode - Advanced Mode
    System Requirements

    License Type:
    Single user License. 
    Build as many shops for yourself as you like - you must directly own and control these shops. To build shops for others, you must select the Developer version. 


    Multi award winning ShopFactory Pro is an easy to use fully featured web shop builder, making creating and maintaining professional Internet storefronts a breeze with its point and click interface.

    With ShopFactory's many styles and customization options, no two shops need to look alike. Easily customize shops to suit existing web site designs.

     We have packed ShopFactory full of features which make shop building easy, and to make the online shopping experience for your customers one they
    will want to repeat.

    ShopFactory comes with a complete and highly professional Shopping basket, with product search engine, real time currency conversion, shipping and tax cost calculation, order confirmation for customers and the ability to remember customer address details and shopping basket contents. 
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    General Description

    Please note: This page lists most of the features of ShopFactory. As ShopFactory is extremely powerful, this may look overwhelming.  Therefore please consider this quote from a satisfied customer before reading on, or test the demo version: 

    "Thank you for the software. It has been so easy to set my items up with the program, that my son is having fun posting the items. "  <@hawaii.rr.com>


    Award winning ShopFactory Professional has been designed to make shop building as easy as possible. 
       -- No programming skills are required. --
    Virtually anything can be achieved with point and click commands and powerful yet easy to use Wizards.

    Pre-designed Shop Themes and customizable  shop styles make sure your shop will compete with the best on the Net to give you a head start in the E-commerce race. 

    ShopFactory quickly allows you to build multi department stores which make navigation for your customers easy, allowing them to browse through your departments or use the powerful search function to locate a specific product.

    Just point and click to add departments, sub departments, products and multimedia links, to customize the look of your shop front or to add many of the other features required for a professional retail outlet, such as product weight, unlimited options and choices and more. 

    Easily adjustable shop templates allow you to select and modify the look of your shop with point and click ease - so you can always be sure your shop looks its best.

    Of course you can also easily define unlimited tax and shipping regions to allow the shop to automatically calculate tax and shipping costs for your customers or use the integrated UPS shipping calculator access (US only). 

    Sophisticated discount structures allow just about any discount method you may need. 

    Before publishing your shop, you can preview and test every single function of your shop on your local computer. You can even send and receive test orders with the default payment system.
    The integrated publishing tool then makes it easy to publish your shop on the Internet.
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    General Features
    • Point and click access to all functions 
    • super fast product database on local computer with support for hundreds of thousands of products (object oriented)*  
    • one or many departments 
    • add sub-departments with over 20 depth levels. 
    • Point and click real time payment activation or manual payment authorization 
    • Supports multimedia links for products to larger images, HTML, sound, video and other files (GIF and JPEG) 
    • Secure shopping with  SSL, SET and PGP support - see How to get paid in your shops 
    • Fast add department button 
    • Fast add product button 
    • Turn multiple product images automatically into products when loading them (picture name becomes Product title) 
    • Rearrange departments with drag and drop 
    • Move or copy products and departments with drag and drop 
    • Sort Products in a department 
    • switch between light and advanced mode 
    • Find a product in a large department 
    • Select from over 40 button sets for your shop or use your own 
    • build shops in any languages -  17 languages included in package 
    • Preview your fully functional shop on local computer before publishing 
    • test sending orders from local computer
    • Quantity Discounts
    • Pricing Discounts for complete shop or single departments
    • Discounts based on purchase price total
    • Different product display styles in different departments
    • UPS shipping calculator integrated (US only) 
    • Multiple shipping cost calculation methods based on by weight, by price or per product.
    • Multiple tax regions for international and interstate customers
    • Supports up to 3 different local taxes
    • Real time currency conversion for over 150 currencies, updated each business day
    • 3D ready - get the 3D plug-in to create stunning 3D shops
    • Use background colors and background textures on a per department basis or throughout the shop
    • Supports different font styles, sizes and colors for departments and index pages
    • Adjust shopping basket memory to set how long a shopping basket is remembered.
    • Integrated FTP publishing program makes shop publishing easy
    • Publish only changed departments and images for easy shop maintenance
    • Integrates with FrontPage or Fusion Web pages

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    Shop Properties Wizard
    1. Add shop name 
    2. Add shop description 
    3. Add shop logo
    4. Enable index in a side frame
    5. Select a Department Page Style or Shop Theme on a shop wide or per department basis
    6. Select the button set you want to use including rollover or feature buttons
    7. Select one of the 17 Languages included to build the shop -default is US English
    8. Change fonts, font color and font size to be used
    9. Select a background texture or background color
    10. Enable or disable currency conversion
    11. Discount your prices shopwide
    12. Adjust shopping basket memory
    13. Select a currency for the shop 
    14. Select a weight unit for the shop 
    Properties Wizards Light Mode:
    • Department Properties Wizard  
      1. Add department name 
      2. Add department description 
      3. Add department logo
    • Product Wizard to 
      1. Add product name 
      2. Add product description 
      3. Add product image 
      4. Add product price

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    Properties Wizard Advanced Mode:
    • All the light features +
    • Advanced Department Wizardalso allows 
      1. change font of department description text 
      2. Select a background color or background texture for the department 
      3. Select a text color for department
      4. Set a price discount on a per department basis
    • Advanced Product Wizard also allows 
      • Link a product image or description to an other file such as larger image (JPG or GIF), sound, video, HTML page or other multimedia files 
      • Preview a linked image 
      • Change font of Product description 
      • Highlight a product to put it on special 
      • Add product weight for shipping calculations 
      • Set quantity discounts for products 
      • Order number 
      • Unlimited product options and choices with support for:

      • A: Separate prices for choices
        B: Separate order numbers 
        C: Define weight for choices
        D: Make a choice optional or required
      • Copy options from another product 
      • Select from up to three different taxes on a per product basis 
      • Set shipping or handling costs on a per product basis (three methods)

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    Company Details
    • Add company name and address details 
    • provide order reception email address 
    • provide contact email address (can be same or different) 
    • Link shop to your Home Site 
    • Password protect access to shop file on local computer 
    • Select a payment acceptance method (manual, your own server, Free SSL or real time payment) 
    • Define and set up Real time payment service providers such as AuthorizeNet with point and click ease 
    • Select credit cards you accept for manual processing 
    • Define custom payment options 
    • Provide additional Contact Information to appear on the Contact Page 
    • Enter Terms and Conditions applying to buying in your shop, such as return policies 
    • Enter a thank you message for customers who send an order 
    • Provide an optional PGP Key ID to encrypt orders

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    On-line Shop Features
    • Runs on any server straight after uploading 
    • Fast load feature with loading indicator 
    • Easy to navigate for customers 
    • Customer can switch side directory frame on or off (you can disable this feature) 
    • Automatic currency conversion tool for international customers with 150+ currencies (can be disabled) 
    • works in any language 
    • Search for Products by name or descriptions 
    • Automatically calculates tax and shipping costs 
    • Fast access - only departments required are loaded 
    • Shopping total always in view. 
    • Customer can have tax and/or shipping costs included in viewable total 
    • Does not jump to basket when adding product to basket 
    • Keeps customer informed of actions 
    • Notification that product has been added to basket 
    • Warning when product options not chosen 
    • Forces customer to select required options before allowing to add product to basket 
    • Allows modifying quantities in shopping basket including quantity discounts  
    • Customer can restore shopping basket from previous visit (length of basket maintenance can be set by merchant) 
    • Customer can restore his address details from previous order 
    • Shops require no cookies to run 
    • SSL and PGP encryption ready 
    • Clear order forms make ordering easy and fast (and can restore details of customer who ordered previously) 
    • Immediately prompts for missing fields - no time lag 
    • Checks credit card algorithm to prevent fake orders 
    • Shows all order costs separated in product costs, tax, shipping and combined costs before order is sent.
    • Supports pre version 3 browsers with a no JavaScript browsing mode with manual shopping basket

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    System Requirements

    Windows 95/98/2000/NT. 
    We recommend at least a small Pentium PC with 16 MB of Ram. Some of our customers use 486s, but you should download the demo and test if performance is OK for you, if you plan to do this. You need an Internet connection to upload your Shop and a Web Browser for testing it.
    Your shop will run on virtually any server, as soon as you have uploaded it.
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    * ShopFactory shops do not use an online database once published to the Internet. Instead shops use fixed HTML pages per department. Departments with too many products are cut into several pages if required, to maintain fast access times for your customers. This means department pages and products can be found and indexed by any search engine, such as Alta Vista or YAHOO, giving your shop a much higher exposure. These shops also place much less load on your server. 
    However if you have more than several thousand products, we recommend you use a CGI search engine instead of the search engine supplied. A CGI search engine optimized for large Shopfactory shops is currently being developed by us, but you can use any existing search engine. Back to General Features