The Internet represents a tremendous opportunity for your business -- whether you're a budding entrepreneur looking to market and sell your great new idea or a large corporation searching for new ways to increase sales. But selling goods and services on the Internet presents its own set of challenges -- like how to set up and maintain a secure, reliable, cost-effective system for authorizing payment and managing transactions. If you don't know what you're doing -- and even if you do -- that can be difficult, complicated, and expensive.

Authorize.Net removes the barriers that might prevent you from doing business on the Net. We take care of the complex issues for you with our advanced transaction processing system, so all you need to process and manage transactions over the Internet is the Authorize.Net payment system, a credit card merchant account, and a computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. You don't have to buy or maintain expensive hardware or software. You don't have to worry about security, downtime, or making sure electronic transactions are processed and settled correctly.

  • Authorize.Net products can benefit online and traditional merchants by: 
  • Performing real-time online transactions from your Web site with WebLink. 
  • Performing real-time manual transactions with Virtual Terminal. 
  • Processing periodic billing through the batch upload function. 
  • Protecting against fraudulent transactions with the Address Verification Service (AVS). 
  • Taking advantage of complete online reporting capabilities. 
  • Accessing sales data from any computer in the world with Internet access and a Web browser. 
  • Offering electronic check payment options with eCheck.Net. 
  • Eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. 
  • Being compatible with any hardware and operating platform. 
  • Eliminating costly software upgrades and updates. 
  • Supporting an unlimited number of users simultaneously. 
  • Automatically settling transactions daily. 
  • Offering tech support via an e-mail menu item &endash; with a 24-hour response time.
To get started with Authorize.Net, apply for a credit card processing account. After your account has been approved -- this typically takes around five days -- your reseller will assign you a user ID and password and provide training on the system. Then, your Web developer simply creates a link from your Web site to the Authorize.Net system using the basic HTML code we provide.
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The Authorize.Net Merchant Menu allows merchants to access the complete range of Authorize.Net services. Click "Go" anywhere on the Merchant Menu above to explore the options.