Merchant Services International Program
U.S. and Non-U.S.

Services Included

* Secure, on-line, real-time processing of credit card purchases approved by Canadian Banks. 
* Real-time, on-line delivery of electronic receipt and authorization to customer.
* Delivery of authorized consumer orders for merchant fulfillment.
* Draft capture and settlement of Visa and MasterCard transactions.
* Funds Transfer Options:
    1. check by mail
    2. wire transfer ($25.18 US per transfer). 
    3. electronic transfer to Canadian Bank of your choice at No Charge.
* Merchant sales reports daily and monthly.
* Order info captured to SQL database for easy import/export transfer.
* Daily reconciliation of card transactions with card issuers.
* Resolution of Clear Copy Requests and Merchant Chargebacks with the bank.
* Competitive Visa and MasterCard discount rates to merchants directly from InternetSecure. 
* 1-800 Voice/Fax to Internet authorization.
* Alternate consumer payment methods - Cybercash
* Choice of Transaction Currency: 
U.S. Dollar only, Canadian Dollar only, 
or both U.S. and Canadian Dollar.