Automated SecureForm Credit Card Orders Presentation

You will first be notified by email that a new order awaits you on our secure server.
New Orders will be presented in the following format:
        **********NEW ORDER************

        4/2/97 11:51 pm
        Shipping Last Name: Jones
        Shipping First Name: Harry
        Shipping Company Name: Silicon Computers
        Shipping Street Address: 104 A St.
        Shipping City: San Diego
        Shipping State : CA
        Shipping Postal Code: 92131
        Shipping Country: US
        Shipping Option: UPS
        Phone: 619 689-8888
        Fax: 619 689-8880
        Comments: excellent service
        Card type: Visa
        Billing Name on Card: Harry Jones
        Billing Address: 133 Jefferson Av.
        Billing City: San Diego
        Billing State: CA
        Billing Zip:92122
        Expiration Date: 1197
        Order Total: 548.00
        Sales tax: 42.47
        Shipping: 3.00
        The total including sales tax and shipping is: 590.47
        Items Ordered:
        1 Pentium 200 Mhz Deluxe System

        **********END NEW ORDER************
You would retrieve the above order data by simply copying and pasting to your computer or by saving as a file.

Comma Delimited Conversion Utility
Ask about our conversion utility which will transform the above order data into the following Comma Delimited format:
 "1234123412341234","1197","590.47","","Silicon Computers-Harry Jones","104 A St.","San Diego","CA","92131","US","Visa","1 Pentium 200 Mhz Deluxe System","","","","","","133 Jefferson Av.","92122","","548.00","4/2/97","619 689-8888","619 689-8880","3.00","excellent service",""
Comma Delimited format enables you to use the Import/Export data transfer function available with most software applications. Data is automatically transferred directly into files and forms among various applications.

For example...

  • Import data into FileMakerPro software directly onto your customized invoice form.
  • then,
  • Export from FileMakerPro to PCAuthorize (transacion software) only that credit card data required by PCAuthorize to "settle" the transaction to your Bank.

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