Submit the specs form below and place your order by credit card to activate your Verisign Signio real time credit card processing account. 
Note: A U.S. Merchant Credit Card Account through a U.S. merchant bank is required to use Verisign Signio real time credit card processing service.
If you don't already have one, See our U.S. Merchant Credit Card Accounts.
Signio is compatible with these Card Processor Networks: 
First Data Nashville Platform and First Data South (Cardnet) Platform, Nova, Paymentech, Vital, VisaNet.
Verisign/Signio PayFlowLink: $119 setup + $20 monthly gateway fee
PayFlowLink service recommended for up to 500* transactions per month. Tech Docs at
*10 cents/trans above 500.

Verisign/Signio PayFlowPro: $199 setup + $45 monthly gateway fee
PayFlowPro recommended for less than 1,000* transactions per month. Resides on merchant server. 
*10 cents/trans at 1,000+.
Tech Docs at
For greater than 5000 transaction per month, email Del West or call 858 689-9999 to inquire about PayFlowPro Unlimited.

1. Payment of setup fee by check or credit card. 
Purchase PayFlowLink or PayFlowPro Now Online or by phone/fax: 858 689-9999 
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2.   a) Credit Card Processor Network: 
      b) Merchant Credit Card Bank: 

3.  Merchant Account number: 

4.  If your card processor network is FDC (First Data) Nashville Platform: 
             a) MID#: (7 digits)    (you might have to ask First Data to convert to FDC Nashville platform)
             b) TID#: (7 digits)    (you might have to ask First Data to convert to FDC Nashville platform)

5.  If your card processor network is NOVA: 
           a) Bank #: (6 digits) 
           b) Terminal ID: (16 digits)

6. If your card processor network is Paymentech: 
           a) Client/Bank #: (4 digits) 
           b) Terminal #: (3 digits) 

7. If your card processor network is Vital or Visanet: 
           a) Acquirer Bin: 
           b) Store #: (4 digits) 
           c) Merchant Location #: (5 digits) 
           d) Terminal ID/Serial #: 
           e) Terminal #: 
           f) Merch. Category Code: 
           g) Agent Bin/Bank #: (6 digits) 
           h) Chain: 
           i) Merchant V #: (8 digits)

8.  Your local U.S. Business Checking Account Bank: (for credit card sales deposits) 
                 a) Bank Name: 
                 b) Account #: 
                 c) ABA/Routing #: 

9. Credit Cards currently accepted: MasterCard  ............... Visa ............... Amex 
9. Credit Cards currently accepted: Discover  ................... Enroute .......... Diners Club/Carte Blanche 
9. Credit Cards currently accepted: Other 

10.  a) Merchant Display Name: 
       b)                 Contact Name: 
       c)                 Contact Tel #: 
       d)                 Contact Fax #: 

11.  Street/PO Address: 
                              City:           State:       Zip: 

12. Website Address: 

13. Merchant E-mail for receipts (order notification): 
14. Merchant Business Type:Sole Proprietor ..... Partnership ..... Corporation
15. Tax ID or Soc Sec #: 
16. Age of Business:  years 
17. Products/Services sold: 

Note: At least one "Yes" response is required for items 17, 18, 19.
18. Recurring Billing: .............
19. Standard Product/Service: (typically delivered within 30 days and without recurring billing)
20. Subscription Sales: ...........

21. a) Owner or Principal of Business: 
      b) Title:                      b) Tax ID or Soc Sec #: 
      c)  Home Address (if other than above): 
                        City:           State:       Zip: 

Upon Submitting this info, you'll be prompted to place your order (setup fee) for PayFlowLink or PayFlowPro.
Expect Activation & Email Notification within 24 hrs after placing order.