20Mp Program
Pre-Qualify Yourself for a Merchant Credit Card Account
Your Application Should Be Approved...
...If You Are in Compliance with the Following Criteria

Acceptable Businesses
If you don't qualify for this merchant account,
then See our Easy Qualify 20Msig merchant account
in the table of merchant accounts at 

- U.S. Based and U.S. Resident Merchant
- Home Business
- New Business
- Internet/Telephone/Mail Order
- Storefront Retail

- In-house Inventory (Drop Shipping OK if ship & receive confirmation docs provided )
- Businesses with U.S. supplier of products
- Businesses with non U.S. supplier of products 

See Details of Merchant Account: Rates and Fees

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Unacceptable Businesses
If you don't qualify for this merchant account,
then See our Easy Qualify 20Msig merchant account
in the table of merchant accounts at 

- Adult Entertainment: Bars, Clubs, Restaurant
- Adult Internet Sites
- Air Travel Related Businesses: 
    Airlines, Travel Clubs, Travel Agencies
- Alarm/Security systems
- Antique dealers
- Art dealers and galleries

- Bail and bond payments
- BBS / Computer Bulletin Boards
- Bridal Shops
- Buyers Clubs with memberships

- Catalog Merchants
- Caterers / Banquets
- Central Reservation Services
- Charters / Tours
- Check Cashing: Quasi-cash with Visa approval
- Coins, Numismatics
- Collection Agencies
- Companion Services
- Computers, computer products and services
- Counseling services
- Cosmetics (retail storefront swipe card OK)
- Cruise Lines

- Delayed delivery merchants (product not delivered within seven (7) days of processing of credit card information)
- Detective agencies
- Donations (political, and for-profit and non-profit organizations)
- Downloaded goods or services by e-mail or other electronic means
- Diet Clubs, Products
- Dining Club
- Dinner Theatre
- Direct / Telemarketing

- E-commerce auction outlets
- Electronic products (televisions, stereos, vcr's, telecommunications equipment, telephones, cell phones, alarm systems and like items)
- Employment Agencies
- Escort Services

- Fax Services
- Financial Services, Consulting, Brokerage
- Floor Covering
- Footwear (shoes, products for the foot)
- Furrier and fur shops
- Furniture and Appliances (home and office)
- Future Dated Services Not Completed within a week:
e.g. Hotel 
e.g.Travel Reservations

- Gambling
- "Get Rich Quick" or "How to..." Products/Services

- Hair Restoring
- Health Center Memberships
- Health, Wholistics Natural Remedies

- Import or Export Businesses 
- Infomercials

- Jewelry stores
- Job Finders

- Limousine Services 
- Locations Outside of the U.S.

- Massage Parlors: Medical Therapists
- Matchmaking, Dating Services, etc.
- Mortgage Brokers Reduction Services
- Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramids, etc.

- Pawn Shops
- Phone cards/Phone services (Pre-Paid)
- Pornography, Adult Movies, Adult Books

- Scholarship Finding Services
- Seminars: w/out accredited educ. courses
- Sports Forecasting
- Stamps
- Subscriptions

- Tanning Salons
- Time Share Sales or Property Rental
- Trade Shows
- Travel Agencies

- Theatre Ticket Agencies
- Theatrical Producers

- Vitamins, pills, herbal remedies, nutrient supplements

- Water Filtration and Purification
- Wholesale Clubs

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Sample Copy of Requirements CHECKLIST
(Checklist is completed and submitted with bank application.)
20Mp Bank App Checklist
In the last 24 months: No Unsatisfied Judgements, No Unreleased Tax Liens, 
No Pending Law Suits, and No Bankruptcy Not Discharged.

Sign Merchant Application form.
Sign Personal Guaranty on Merchant Application form.
Sign Schedule of Fees and Charges form.
Electronic Processing Questionnaire.
Sign Personal Financial Statement.
Internet Merchant Data form.
Site Verification  (will be performed by outside service)
American Express Application. 
Submit the AMEX App. It's Free and incurs no extra monthly charges.

If applicable, copies of Articles of Incorporation, 
and/or Partnership Agreement.

Webpages partial printout if website is operational.
U.S. street address for business.
Product/Service Ad copy, Brochure, and/or Fliers.
Pictures or samples of products, if possible.
Interior Photo showing at least a desk and phone.
Exterior Photo showing front of Home/Business (w/signage if any).
Copy of Business License and Fictitious Name Statement. 
If not required by your municipality then include a 
statement in our own words indicating so.

Two Voided Business Checks. TAPE top of check to Bank App & Amex App.
If applicable, main supplier of product listed as trade reference.
If applicable, last 3 months statements from past/current card processor. 

Include Check for App Fee payable to: Del West Merchant Services
    $105 [App Fee + Site Survey] if purchasing softw. or hardw. or real time processing from Del West upon account approval.
    $205 [App Fee + Site Survey] if not purchasing softw. or hardw. or real time processing from Del West.

Send Completed Application with Checklist to:

Del West Merchant Services, 10415 Summerwood Court, San Diego, CA 92131

Keep a copy of completed application for future reference.

...And decide upon the appropriate Merchant Bankcard Program.