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Payflow Link - the easiest way to accept online payments for your business

Payflow Link provides an easy to use HTTP based solution that is ideal for businesses looking for a fast and easy way to conduct secure automated transactions over the Internet.

Payflow Link enables merchants to connect their consumers to a secure Signio-hosted order form and use it to automate order acceptance, authorization, processing, and the management of transactions. It's as simple as entering an HTML Hyperlink into your existing Web site.

Payflow Link is the choice for merchants who process low to moderate levels of orders, and prefer a solution that is especially easy to implement and maintain. Often, merchants find that they can payment-enable their sites with little or no assistance from a web developer.

Payflow Link Features

  • Easy to implement and use

  • Attaches to your existing web site, requiring no further installation or configuration. With a simple cut and paste of supplied HTML code onto your web site, you can connect to Payflow Link immediately.
  • Email receipt notification functionality

  • When orders are submitted, the merchant and customers are optionally notified via email.
  • Customizable to your web site

  • Change the look and feel of the hosted order form to suit your own web site. You can even customize approval messages!
  • SSL Certificate Included

  • Includes all required certificates to ensure both authentication and security between consumers and Payflow Link.
Payflow Platform Features
(Included with Payflow Link)
  • Signio Manager service

  • The Signio Manager service is included for management of your transaction activities. A suite of features includes a transaction terminal, pre-defined or customized reports, search tools, transaction details, and more.
  • Access for offline orders

  • Payflow's web terminal give merchants the flexibility to process orders offline - such as orders taken over the phone, or received via fax, email, or in person.
  • Extremely fast transaction times

  • Transaction round trips on average take 2.2 seconds.
  • Test transactions before going live

  • Merchants that want to test their Payflow payment processing capabilities before activation can easily do so by pointing to a Signio test server.
  • Processor and Payment Versatility

  • The Payflow Pro client provides immediate connectivity to more payment processors, supporting more payment types than anyone else in the industry.
  • Centralized and secure data management

  • Data is hosted in a high-security, fully redundant, risk-free data center.
  • Responsive and reliable

  • Customers are immediately advised of approved or rejected payment transactions.
  • High security

  • All transactions occur over secure SSL connections between consumers and Signio.
  • Multiple payment types

  • Signio authorizes, manages, and can support all major credit cards, debit cards (Visa/Mastercard), purchase cards, and guaranteed electronic check purchases.
    • Credit Card and Debit Card - processing is available through: FirstData (Nashville), Paymentech (Salem), Nova, and Vital.

    • Purchase Card - level 2 processing is available through FirstData (Nashville)

    • ACH - processing is available through Wells Fargo. Merchants can process ACH transactions through their checking/savings account.

    • Guaranteed Electronic Checks - real time guaranteed processing is available through TeleCheck