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    We offer Transaction Software and Hardware to Merchant 
    Credit Card Account Applicants and to the General Public. 
    Merchant Account Applicants need not decide about purchasing software or hardware now, but should indicate transaction processing preferences in the formal Bank App.
    For Fully Automated Real Time Credit Card Transaction Services, See Authorize.Net WebLink

    Software Transaction Terminals: (any one of several choices)
    - PCAuthorize 32-bit Windows, ICVerify DOS and 32-bit Windows, and MacAuthorize
    Hardware Transaction Terminals: (any one of several choices)
    - Add-on Keyboard Card Readers See Below
    - Verifone Tranz 330, 380, *420, or 460 (460 model includes built-in receipt printer) See Below 


    NOTE: After downloading, rename this file's extension from "exe" to "hqx"
    Both the Transaction Software and Hardware products provide Secured Credit Card Bank Processing. The Transaction Software via your computer modem, and the Hardware via a standard telephone line.
    PCAuthorize Developers Toolkit
    This is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file of the Developer's Guide for PCAuthorize Toolkit. Although it is not the toolkit itself, the document should give you a good idea on what is included and just how easy it is to integrate with other software. Click Get PCAuthorize Developers Kit Document (FTP 260K) to download the PDF to your computer.
    Transaction Software Q&A FAQ (see #s 13-30)

    Product & Service List: PCAuthorize MacAuthorize ICVerify Transaction Software, Verifone Tranz Hardware, Card Readers,  ATM Debit Card Pin Pads, SecurePay MOLPay Automated OrderTaking & Processing, Receipt Printers, Shopping Carts.
    **USA: FREE 2-Day UPS/Fed-X Delivery - Canada: FREE 5-10 Day UPS or Add $35 for 2-Day Fed-X Delivery

    Item **Price
    PCAuthorize Windows Software: JUMP TO 1-user DEMO 2-Day UPS
    PCAuthorize Software 1-user Win95 32bit, Win3.x, WinNT
    $309 *best buy*
    Place an Order
    [Pack = Total PCs + separate merchant accounts]
    PC Hub versions are upgradable to extra 
    user/stations, and are faster than Single-user.
    PCAuthorize Hub 2-Pack $449.00
    PCAuthorize Hub 5-Pack $686.00
    PCAuthorize Hub 10-pack $1002.00
    PCAuthorize Hub 20-Pack $1634.00
    PCAuthorize Hub 30-Pack $2150.00
    Place an Order
    ICVerify Software:
    IC Verify Software Win95 32bit 1-user $499.00
    IC Verify Software Win95 32bit 4-user $729.00
    IC Verify Software DOS/WIN 1-user $479.00
    IC Verify Software DOS/WIN Network 4-user 
    DOS,Win3.x,Win95,Win NT,Novell,Netbios
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    MacAuthorize Software: JUMP TO 1-user DEMO 2-Day UPS
    MacAuthorize Single-user $309.00
    Place an Order
    [Pack = Total Macs + separate merchant accounts]
    Mac Hub versions are upgradable to extra
    user/stations, and are faster than Single-user.
    MacAuthorize Hub 2-Pack $449.00
    MacAuthorize Hub 5-Pack $686.00
    MacAuthorize Hub 10-pack $1002.00
    MacAuthorize Hub 20-Pack $1634.00
    MacAuthorize Hub 30-Pack $2150.00
    * MacAuthorize Hub: For use with third party software,
    e.g. POS-IM, Shopkeeper, James Tech, 4th Dimension,
    AppleScript, WebSTAR, and FileMaker Pro 
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    ShopFactory Shopping Cart...SEE ShopFactory
    Includes FREE SSL Server for Secure Credit Card OrderTaking
    Light   $179.00 
    Pro     $279.00
    Real Time Credit Card Processing
    Order Signio
    JUMP TO Signio
    $20 Monthly Fee, No Per Trans Fees
    Authorize.Net WebLink 
    Real Time Credit Card Processing 
    Order Authorize.Net
     JUMP TO Authorize.Net
    $20 Monthly Fee
    Real Time Credit Card Processing 
    Order SkipJack
    $29.95 Monthly Fee, 12c Trans. Fee after 500 trans/mo.
    Credit Card Readers: 2-Day UPS
    MacIntosh MSB100 Keyboard (to Comport) Add-on Card Reader 
    Includes DB9-pin plug. Requires MacAuthorize Software
    PC MSR200-12 Keyboard Add-on Card Reader 
    Requires PCAuthorize or ICVerify Software
    PC Laptop Serial Card Reader 
    Requires PCAuthorize or ICVerify Software
    Unitek101 Keyboard Built-in Card Reader 
    Requires PCAuthorize or ICVerify Software
    Percon #39 MagStripe Reader $269.00
    Verifone Tranz 330 (includes tax) $395.00
    Verifone Tranz 380 (includes tax) $485.00
    Verifone Tranz 420 portable, w/built-in printer (includes tax) $729.00
    Verifone Tranz 460 w/built-in printer (includes tax) $529.00
    Place an Order
    ATM/Debit Card Readers: 2-Day UPS
    Verifone ATM Pin Pad 101/1000 
    (debit card pin# entry only) (includes tax)
    Verifone ATM Pin Pad 2000 
    (debit card reader & pin# entry) (includes tax)
    Verifone ATM Pin Pad Cable Interface Kit 
    (req'd for ATM Pin Pad 101 & 201) (includes tax)
    Place an Order
    Epson Receipt Printers: 2-Day UPS
    Epson TMU200D Serial Printer w/o autocut $299.00
    Epson TMU200D Parallel Printer w/o autocut $299.00
    Epson 300B Serial Receipt Printer w/Autocut $469.00
    Epson 300PB Parallel Receipt Printer w/Autocut $469.00
    Epson 300 Printers are available w/*take-up device @ $509.
    Take-up device allows output of a 2-part NCR receipt.
    Place an Order
    Rotating BANNER SYSTEMS banner_sales@mktmkt.com $175.00
    FREE DEMO WebPosition Software:
    Saves Time & Builds Traffic by allowing you to analyze 
    detailed Reports of Your Site's Search Positions. 
    "I highly recommend this software" - RJ Delzio
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    Four Ways to Order from Product List:
    Get our text file order form and FAX IT IN
                Use a fax machine or your own fax\modem.
    PHONE IN YOUR ORDER ... TEL: (858) 689-9999
    Get our text file order form and SNAIL MAIL IT

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