0070 eCheckNet (service)

Must Submit eCheckNet Application along with payment.Go To eCheckNet Application
Delivery by download

Accept and Process Checks Electronically. Online Internet, Telephone, Fax, Mail, and In-person check orders

all deposited directly into your checking account.

eCheckNet is priced as an AuthorizeNet add-on service. Must register for AuthorizeNet service.

eCheckNet Pricing:

$49 Setup Fee

1.95% Discount Rate

30 cents Transaction Fee:

$10 Monthly Minimum Fee

0071 eDraft Check Drafting Software

Delivery by download

Receive your customer checks data online, by telephone or fax. Then, print out customer checks using your desktop printer. Close deals sooner. Save time by eliminating the need for checks to be delivered to you.

"eDraft" Demo